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Asda Swaffham

Resurfacing the ASDA Car Park in Swaffham.

We were the chosen contractor to resurface large areas of the ASDA Car Park in Swaffham. This project was undertaken over a period of 7 days. There were a few priorities during the project, one most notable being to avoid disrupting ASDA’s operations. Our project managers are well prepared to plan works in a way to avoid causing disruptions to our clients operations.

The job also involved fitting a new length of fencing around the area of the car park, as you can see the fencing was in a very bad way before. Finally new kerbing was installed to reduce any obvious tripping hazards.

We work closely with the ADSA Health and Safety team in order to keep their premises to a standard above expectations to reduce any accidental damage caused by any wear and tear.

All Seasons Contracting Co. Ltd.
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What our clients think

All Seasons have constructed new roadways and maintained existing ones at our service stations for over 20 years, and this year they were awarded a further 3 year maintenance contract. Our working relationship is a partnership based on their understanding of our business. Whether it’s a pothole that needs repairing quickly, or the planing and resurfacing of a large parking area or road, Moto can rely on All Seasons to provide a professional, value for money service.

Steve Hill – Company Services Manager – Moto Hospitality Ltd